'TALENTVX Intro' provides a quick and easy way for recruiters to introduce candidates to clients via a short video interview streamed directly to their client.


Your client can click a simple link you've pasted into an email to quickly see and hear your candidate:

  • introduce themselves
  • discuss their key talents
  • show their true personality
  • and all in under a minute




Give your candidates

 the attention they deserve!


TALENTVX Intro will help your client decide whether to meet your candidate in-person.  It's best to know if a client likes your candidate as soon as possible because: 

  • if the client likes what they see, they'll focus on your candidates and not waste time with other recruiters
  • if they don't like your candidate, you'll find out sooner and can act quickly to submit another candidate


TALENTVX Intro is really simple!

Request a candidate to record a TALENTVX Intro on any browser, any computer, at any time.  Requests can even be made using any smartphone!


How to generate a "TALENTVX Intro" for a client

  1. log into TALENTVX
  2. choose a local or remote candidate recording
  3. enter the name and email of the candidate (the candidate then records the interview)
  4. you receive a link via email and paste that link into a client email
  5. clients watch the video and see and hear their candidate


The easiest client-friendly

 way to win new business



FREE - Two months unlimited use with your corporate branding!



TalentVX Custom

TALENTVX technology can be easily and cost effectively integrated into your organisation's website.

See an example here