"TALENTVX Intro" enables recruiters to introduce candidates to clients or stakeholders via a recruiter branded short video interview streamed directly to their client. 


Recruitment clients love the simplicity of TALENTVX Intro


Your client only needs to click on an Internet link you've pasted into an email to quickly see and hear your candidate:

  • introduce themselves
  • discuss their key talents   
  • show some personality and charm
  • all in less than one minute





TALENTVX Intro puts savvy recruiters ahead of the competition with a second chance!


TALENTVX Intro will help your client decide whether to meet your candidate in-person.  It's always best to know if a client likes your candidate as soon as possible because: 

  • if the client likes what they see, they'll focus on your candidates and not waste time with other recruiters 
  • if they don't like your candidate, you'll find out sooner and can act quickly to submit another candidate 



TALENTVX Intro is really easy for recruiters!

Recruiters need do very little to generate a TALENTVX Intro.  To request a candidate to do a TALENTVX Intro recruiters can use any browser, on any computer, on any internet connection, at any time.  Requests can even be made using any smartphone.


Here's what recruiters do to generate a "TALENTVX Intro" for a client

  1. logs into TALENTVX
  2. chooses local or remote candidate Intro recording
  3. enters the name and email of the candiate (the candidate now does the interview)
  4. receives link via email, pastes the link into a client email
  5. Clients can view the video for 3 years (or longer if the recruiter extends)  



TALENTVX Intro is the easiest client friendly way to win new business. 



FREE - Two months unlimited use with your corporate branding!







TalentVX Custom

TALENTVX technology can be easily and cost effectively integrated into your organization's website.

See an example here