Videos stay active for 3 years

and can be extended anytime


After a two month unlimited use free trial, recruiters can continue with a monthly or annual subscription.  There is no minimum term so you can opt out at any time.



  • Monthly - $39.50 AUD per recruiter,
  • Annual - $395.00 AUD per recruiter, save 17% ($79.00)


A subscription includes 10 completed video introductions per recruiter per month and up to 10 unused video introductions per recruiter can carry over to the next month.


Multiple recruiters within the same firm have their allocated video introductions grouped.  This means if your firm has 20 recruiters using TALENTVX they will share 200 completed video introductions per month before any extra usage is incurred.  Extra usage is $3.95 AUD per completed video introduction.


Australian recruiters - $39.50 AUD per month (plus GST) or $395.00 AUD per year (plus GST)